Country Cheese LLC 2017
“World’s Finest Cheese & Coffee”
Country Cheese

World’s Finest Cheese, Coffee, Chocolate & Tea

Since    1970    Country    Cheese    has    been    bringing    our    community    countless numbers   of   the   world’s   finest   domestic   and   imported   teas,   chocolates,   and   of course,   cheeses.      We   are   a   locally   owned   and   operated   business   in   Berkeley California   and   invite   you   to   stop   by,   say   hello,   and   try   a   cup   of   the   wonderful coffee we roast right here in our store. Our   cheese   is   cut   from   it’s   original   large   format   wheel   and   these   wheels   are constantly   tended   to   in   order   to   ensure   freshness.   All   of   our   cheeses   are   hand selected   and   packed   to   protect   the   integrity   of   their   appearance   and   flavor profile.   Assorted   cheese   accompaniments   are   also   available   to   enhance   your enjoyment of these fine cheeses.