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Fra’   Mani,   launched   by   renowned   chef   Paul   Bertolli   in   2006,   produces   their   widely   praised salumi   here   in   Berkeley.   Fra’   Mani’s   mission   is   to   craft   salumi   in   the   finest   Italian   pastoral traditions, using only the highest quality pork. Fermin   Jamon   lberico,   in   Spain,   carefully   cures   their   lberico   Ham   in   the   cool,   dry   mountain air   for   over   two   years   transforming   them   into   masterpieces   of   favor.   Fermin   was   the   first company   to   be   approved   for   export   to   the   U.S.   and   offers   a   full   line   of   top   quality   lberico hams for you to enjoy. Cheese We   offer   specialty   cheeses   from   Holland,   France,   Italy,   Germany,   Spain,   and   more.   We   also carry   local   cheeses   from   Berkeley,   Sonoma.   And   Point   Reyes.   A   few   of   the   makers   we   carry are   Cow   Girl   Creamery,   Valley   Ford   Cheese   Co.,   Scharfe   Maxx,   and   Beemster.   Give   us   a   call or stop by to see our great deals on the cheese of the week. Coffee We   roast   35   different   types   of   beans   right   in   our   shop   and   will   gladly   help   you   choose   the one   that   best   suits   your   taste.   Our   beans   come   from   Jamaica,   Hawaii,   Kenya,   Nicaragua, Peru, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and more.


Some examples of the chocolates we offer are: San Francisco: Poco Dolce, Jade, Rechiuti, L’amourete and Tcho. Napa: Le belge and Torn Ranch. Monterey: Lula’s . MA: Taza, stone ground organic. Spain: Blanxart, Amatller. France: Valrhona, Michel Cluizel Belgium: Cachet and Hageland as well as bitter sweet, semi sweet, unsweetened, white, and milk varieties from Callebaut.
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White tea : Mutan white $ 35/ lb and Silver tip white Sale $50/ lb Red tea: African red Rooibos Organic $20/ lb Black tea: All kinds of English Breakfast and Organic Black tea. Oolong tea: from Li shang high mountain Taiwan and Fujian China, fresh from this Spring. Li shang high mountain Oolong $150/ lb or $9.38/ oz, Tung Ting Oolong 1st grade $100/lb 2nd flush $45.00/ lb.  Pu-erh tea loose leaf and aged in a cake form. From $ 30/ lb to $80/ lb. Green tea: top 4 the best fresh green tea from China. Travel to China and Taiwan every year to pick and bought tea.